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3 Beauty Products You Need Today

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about the 3 products I have been using for yeas. I cannot live without these three beauty products.


If you have read any of my other post you know my obsession with sunscreen is real. I don’t live without sunscreen. It’s true. Its’ a game changer. I use it everyday on my face and neck. It prevents premature aging and helps keep my skin looking fresh and youthful. Especially with the warm weather upon us sunscreen is an essential part of my everyday routine. My skin looks younger, more vibrant, happier, and less wrinkly than ever before. And all because I started using sunscreen! The best part is that it’s easy and affordable—you can get your very own bottle at any drugstore or grocery store for under $10 per bottle. Plus, there are tons of options out there for everyone—whether you want something natural or something chemical-based it doesn’t matter, they have I all! Why am I telling you this? Because I want to invite you into my world of beauty secrets! That’s right: if you buy some sunscreen today (and maybe some vitamin C too), then tomorrow when people ask how old you are they’ll be shocked by how young and beautiful your skin looks!


I know what your thinking… VASELINE?!? Yes! This stuff is a miracle worker! I apply my retinal (vitamin A) cream at night time, once dried about 2-3 times a week I apply Vicks all over my face and neck. Beware your skin will be oily after applying and may need to wash your pillow case after using wearing it to be (I have multiple pillow cases I go through weekly). Vaseline helps lock in the moisture from the retinal (or from any moisturizer you use) and helps the skin better absorb it. It helps with the extra moisture and will have your skin glowing when you wake up. Not only is it a great product, its affordable! No need to spend hundred of $$ on other products.

Facial Serum

What kind is best? Whatever kind best fits your skin needs. Everyone has different size pores, different textures, different shapes and different oils which makes everyone unique. Facial serums contain ingredients that work to repair wrinkles and fine lines in addition to brightening your skin tone. Facial should be used after applying your morning Vitamin C and before you apply sunscreen. Now this product does not need to be used daily, however your skin would benefit if it was. This product has helped my skin look younger, more vibrant, happier and less wrinkles tan before.


All in all these are the products I use almost everyday. When used together, these three beauty products will have you looking radiant by morning. Having beauty skin has been an obsession for my recently and being a Registered Nurse I have had access to resources that have helped my education opinion on these products. Over all do what is best for your skin, however, if you had to ask me about it I would tell you all of this!


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