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3 Reasons to Visit the Beach this Summer

The beach is an amazing place. Its the perfect place to relax, have fun and spend time with your family, friends and co workers. You can swim in the ocean, explore, swim, laugh and catch a good tan! With so many things to do at the beach, it can be hard to decide what activity to do first. Luckily for you, I have put together this list of 5 fun things to do at the beach.


Its time to get your swimsuit from the drawer, pack up your car and head to the ocean! You know what they say; if it’s too cold to go outside, you should go in. Well if its too hot to go to the beach then get in the ocean! Now if you’ve got a pool in your backyard, we aren’t here to judge. In my opinion the ocean is better on the skin than a regular pool. It has helped my psoriasis and any irritation I’ve had on my sensitive skin.


The sun is shining, and sand is calling your name. This is my favorite part about going to the beach, catching the rays and soaking up some vitamin D. Don’t worry you won’t get burned if you apply sunscreen and reapply appropriately. You will just need to find the perfect sunscreen of your skin and ensure it is water proof. Even if you do not plan on getting in the water you may sweat from the heat of the sun and you do not want your sunscreen to come off.



I always wear sandals that have a back-strap to the beach. Occasionally the sand it to hot for my feet and I enjoy playing games with my family where I am running around. My favorite beach game is SLAMMO. Do not I repeat DO NOT get discouraged when you play this game for the first time, because it is hard! It took me hours in the sun being determined to actually be half decent at this job.


You’ll never want to go back home again after spending a day at the beach. Enjoy a day at the beach at least once this summer!

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