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Apple Wrist Band (but the knock off version)

Active. That is what I envision when I think of my life. Being a wife, nurse, and a mother of a 7 year old boy, and a 1 year old dog my life can be active. Active in the sense I am not sure exactly what I will be dealing with that day or what I will even be getting my hands into that afternoon. An Apple Watch has fit best or my lifestyle, however, I wanted to be able to change the bands of the watch freely. With the watch I am able to tell what time it is, when I get a message or even who calls me, which makes life SO MUCH EASIER. I will turn around on my way to work to get my apple watch. The only time it comes off is when I am charging it. Now that I have confessed my love and obsessed with my watch let us get to why I am making this post. As mentioned being a nurse and mother I wash my hands probably 50+ times a day. Before and after every patient, before and after I make supper, before and after i get my son a snack, and even before and after I take my dog out and clean up his waste. This means my Apple Watch gets washed 50+ times a day also. I had a nice cute band on it before however it got ruined when I would wash it. So I was trying to figure out how I can still wear my watch and it still match my outfits (cause you know style) while washing my hands. I choose these bands for my Apple Watch because I was able to match my outfits to them along with being able to wash them when I needed too. I am able to go to the pool without worry about my watch, I am able to go to the gym, work, wash my dog when he rolls in something, cook my husband supper, play with my child in the dirt and still have a piece of mind my watch and its bands would be safe throughout life activities. So when in doubt amazon it out! For real though these are a life savior and I 10/10 would recommend.

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