Best Online Mens Wedding Rings

Manly Bands is the  ring company that makes high-quality wedding bands for men. They offer free shipping, a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a FREE silicone band.

Manly Bands is a unique wedding ring store. The one stop website has a great selection of wedding bands and they often have sales too! But it doesn’t end there—they also carry rings for him, but not just the typical stuff you expect. They have the more rugged looking bands that resemble those worn by soldiers. My husband fell in love with these types of bands. We were able to get a Silicone Wedding band when we purchased his regular band.

Really hoping this helps you find the best online mens weddings rings.


What does offer ManlyBand?

From their broad selection of bands alone with an easy working site this process was a breeze. We received a Silone band with the purchase of a regular band. In fact the silicone band came in handy when my husband works on machinery he can’t wear metal with.

Ring sizing is made easy. You can print out a free printable sizer for rings. Therefore you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to get sized.

There is free and fast shipping! Along with that there is free and easy returns!

You can customized the ring! The wedding date and yalls names in the rings is a nice touch!

They offer many discounts!

Free silicone ring with a ring purchase! This is perfect for the man in your life!

$75 off code: Manly75

Online Mens Wedding Rings

Save time and effort with a Manly Band! Whether it’s your wedding band, or an anniversary present you need something that’s not going to crack. That’s why we think Manly Bands are the best choice for men .

Manly Band gives fair prices on wedding bands, there is a lifetime warranty on the bands you order. They are affordable and stylish for men. The inside of their rings are polished just like platinum or white gold and some that are even tungsten which is a very hard material that will last long. There has never been a better or easier way to shop for men’s wedding bands than at Make your man happy order him one today!

You’ll spend less and get a better-looking ring if you buy online at You’ll also have the convenience of free shipping, and returns. Obviously, you can’t try on the ring before buying, so make sure you know your finger size. Try measuring it with a string or strip of paper; then subtract 1/16th inch; that’s your ring size.


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  1. Wow! My husband would definitely love these designs! I’m gonna show this to him!

  2. Finding a nice ring can be difficult, so thank you for the site and discount code!

  3. I was thinking about surprising my husband with a new wedding ring for our anniversary. Thank you!

  4. It sounds like a great option! We just did the traditional route of going to various stores and picking the one he liked best.

  5. These are some nice rings! My husband found a cool black one that he likes.

  6. What a great way to shop for rings. I like that I can browse with no sales person.

  7. We got my husbands ring online too because we wanted a ring from Ireland but couldn’t afford to visit at the time! Love that you can just pick up the laptop!

  8. I’m more of a traditionalist but these rings are beautiful.

  9. I’m divorced and no boyfriend so I won’t need these for a while. I’ll check them out if and when I’m ready.

  10. It’s so lovely to be able to customise the ring. It makes it so much more special.

  11. I am very much a traditionalist when it comes to jewelry but the new look of men’s wedding rings is just beautiful. Love them.

  12. These look beautiful I would have to say when deciding to get married for the second time. I have to get one of these.

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