Best Stretch Mark Cream for Pregnancy 2022 

I wanted to share with you my experience of Mothers Friend and how it helped me throughout my pregnancy. There is so much information online about stretch mark relief that I felt the need to write this review myself. Mother friends is a stretch mark cream that does exactly what it says it will. This cream helps alleviate the pain and itching associated with developing stretch marks during pregnancy. Mothers Friend is one of the best kept secret.

Find out at 19 I was pregnant I knew that being a teen mom was going to be challenging and rewarding, but I was still overwhelmed by the prospect of being responsible for another human being at such a young age. My son is now almost 8 years old and doing amazing things, it wasn’t easy getting here.

The first thing I did when I found out I was pregnant was talk to my doctor. She also gave me some guidelines for taking care of myself during the pregnancy and after: no smoking or drinking alcohol; eat healthy foods; exercise regularly; take prenatal vitamins; and apply a lotion twice a day on my stomach.

Stretch Mark Cream

There was one thing that I didn’t anticipate: how my body would change after giving birth. Stretch marks played a big role in this.

That is when a friend of my recommend Mothers Friend lotion.

And boy am I glad that she did! Using this lotion twice a day helped keep my skin from getting stretch marks (which are common among pregnant women), and it also smelled really good!

The cream smells good goes on very smooth, and actually helped keep my stomach looking as good as possible during pregnancy. It’s not cheap, but when you consider what it did for me—keeping my skin looking incredible—it was worth every penny!

With Mothers Friend you should get minimal stretch marks, however everyone is different.

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