Some beach… Somewhere

I am dreaming about quitting my day job and drinking a nice glass of blackberry wine on the beach right now. Mamma, wifey, & nurse… those things explain my life in a nutshell. My husband has been incredibly busy with his job, however finds time to be very supportive in my goals and careers. He definitely will be featured a lot on here! I have a 7 year old very active, smart and presumptuous. I wouldn’t trade either of them for the world (well maybe for a all exclusive paid trip to Disney- JK). If I am not tending to my husband, son, dog then I am tending to my patients at work! Welcome and thank you for joining my madness! If I’m not working, cooking traveling, taking a nap, throwing the football with my son or walking my doggy I am writing reviews about items! If you have made it this far stay a little big longer!! My family and I appreciate all of your support 🙂