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Coco, our Cavachon

Three Reasons why you should own a Cavichon:

Our dog, Coco, is probably the greatest dog we have ever owned (and possibly our favorite child). He is a cavachon which is a cross between a cavalier spaniel and a bischon frise. And here is my top three (out of many) reasons why everyone should own one of these dogs. Now keep in mind all dogs have a special unique personality, and these reasons I am listing are strictly associated with my dog and may not apply to all cavachons.

1. Intelligence
Our little Coco is by far the smartest dog I have ever met. From ease of training to basic intelligence he by far surpasses any other breed we have owned. Basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and shake my hand we’re learned in just a few short weeks. Now that he is over a year old, he can follow non verbal orders and can distinguish between various whistles as to what we want him to do (such as go left, go right, come, and fetch). Often times it feels as if he is trying to speak to us, we’re not crazy I promise. But if he wants something out of his reach, he will not bark or growl. Rather, he will come and tap us with his paw and come show us what he is after, usually a toy that is under the couch.

2. Cuteness
This fifteen pound ball of fur could not be cuter or lazier. My day at home is spent racing to my husbands side as he yells for my to run to him in distress. As I race through the house to see what ill begotten doom has befallen my betrothed, I find our dog laying upside down, or sleeping, or eating ice cubes and my husband had to get my attention so that way I wouldn’t miss out on any cute activity that our dog was doing. Yes, my military husband, calls for me to look at the dog because he thinks it is so cute.

3. Companionship
My job as a nurse has many perks and qualities that I adore and enjoy. However, it is a double edged blade that can cut deep with the pain and sorrow I experience day in and day out. There have been many days that I come home in tears from the events of that day and my little Coco rushes to my side, licking my tears away, laying his head on my shoulder. Just reminding me that he cares and he understands mama is sad and that he is there. Every night he sleeps by my side and every morning he rushes to me the second I call him, his tail wagging.

This dog is unlike any other breed and I cannot tell anyone enough about how cute and sweet this little puppy is. Everyone should have the joy of owning one and going through life with this man’s best friend.

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