Wow! Where has the time gone!! How many years has it been…? Three..Four..or has it even been FIVE years?? I am not sure I lost count along the journey. Anyways after graduating college I decided to come back to my roots and show the world my crazy life through my favorite past time..blogging!! After college I got married, moved across the country and went on many amazing vacations. Now let’s get back to reviewing some items and talking about life!! Im so thrilled to be back!! Please let me know how YOU have been!!

My little family!!

Hannah Bures

Hello Hi! Thanks for taking the time to join me on my site! Ima wife, mama, and a nurse so right now I can promise you I'm dreaming of a vacation on a beach drinking a mega pint of blackberry wine. I am new to blogging and not a very good writer, however, I am creative and enjoy doing this as a hobby. I also create, design and sell digital products! I hope to see you around!!

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