Kid Activities for Plane Ride have help my family and I.  There’s few things more exciting that riding on an airplane. What happens when you have to wait hours for a flight, and the pilot announces that there will be delay? Based on my flight experience, I’ve put together a couple of games and activities to occupy kids who are waiting. I’ve had my fair share of flights with my children, where from time to time we had a long delay before takeoff because of some reason or another. These are some of the games we played which helped keep them entertained.

When you’re stuck on a plane with your kids for hours, sometimes it’s just about keeping them calm and entertained.

kids bored on a plane

Kid Activities for a Plane Ride

  •  Pre-download games/ movies an electronic. My son has a Nintendo Switch that has Mario Kart downloaded on it. We took turns racing each other, and he enjoyed watching me play.
  • An eye spy book(and then try to guess what they are). We turned that into a competition to see who could find the most things first.
  • Reading a book is a great activity! If you have an option between bringing an e-book or printed book, I recommend the former. This way it is one less thing to carry.
  • Coloring book—this one might be tricky if the ride is bumpier than usual. Guess what I am thinking game: someone thinks of anything (could be an object/animal/anything), and the person trying to guess what they are thinking can only ask yes/no questions. This helps keep them occupied for longer periods of time if there isn’t much else going on!
  • Make action figures and or masks out of paper (less to carry on a plane) to play with instead of real toys. If the kiddo is hard on toys they might rip it though.
  • A card game such as Pokemon, uno or any card game that would be easy to carry on a plane.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully if you’re in this situation, you can use these Activities to keep your own kids entertained. For anyone stuck with a screaming baby on one of their flights, I don’t even have words for how sorry I feel for you. I am not a doctor, and I cannot speak for anyone other than myself (although the things that worked for me might work for your child, too). T If they look groggy and/or need some help waking up, try some of these tips to help them get through the flight in a healthy way. If you have any additional ideas that worked for you, please share them in the comments.


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  1. I love that you think of things to keep your children content and occupied during a flight. I have been on several flights lately and the parents have nothing to soothe their little ones and they cried the entire flight.

  2. These are great ideas. I can only imagine how difficult it could be to try to keep kids entertained on plane rides. I’m sure these will keep them plenty busy.

  3. Keeping your kids excitement and entertained in a plane ride is so hard! Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas!

  4. Great tips, we are actually flying today to visit my beautiful daughter and her family. I will have to make sure we are prepared!

  5. Solid suggestions! But also, much like having an e-book to worry less about having more to carry, there are apps for coloring too, so that’s always an option as well!!

  6. I haven’t flown on a plane in forever. I’ll have to keep these in mind when I do fly in the future with my son.

  7. Such a great post! I am going to share this post with my brother-in-law as he has a little one… my God Daughter!

  8. You listed out some great ideas here. Coloring books are absolutely brilliant to have when your trying to pass the time. I even have an adult coloring book I bring on long trips with me!

  9. I have been thinking of getting the Nintendo Switch for my grandbabe’s birthday. I think she’d enjoy it.

  10. These are all great ideas to keep kids entertained on a plane. We’re going to France from the UK via Eurostar this year and I’ve bought loads of reading books, activity books, colouring stuff and games for my little one to play on his Nintendo Switch while we travel 🙂

    Louise x

  11. Great ideas! We traveled 14 hours straight when my son was 7yo and what kept him entertained was the seatback TV which also had games.

  12. These are wonderful ideas, I can recall when I traveled with my kids, I always had something for them to do. such as reading a book or a workbook on their grade level so much more.

  13. These are great ideas! I love telling stories about things around us and talking is a great way to stay together. But it depends on the age of the kid.

  14. These are such fun activities! Kid gonna love these for sure, I’ll share these ideas with my sister and friends who are flying with kids this month 🙂.

  15. Plane rides can be a challenge with kids. It is good to be prepared and have some activities ready.

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