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Kid Activities for Plane Ride

Kid Activities for Plane Ride have help my family and I.  There’s few things more exciting that riding on an airplane. What happens when you have to wait hours for a flight, and the pilot announces that there will be delay? Based on my flight experience, I’ve put together a couple of games and activities to occupy kids who are waiting. I’ve had my fair share of flights with my children, where from time to time we had a long delay before takeoff because of some reason or another. These are some of the games we played which helped keep them entertained.

When you’re stuck on a plane with your kids for hours, sometimes it’s just about keeping them calm and entertained.

kids bored on a plane

Kid Activities for a Plane Ride


Final Thoughts

Hopefully if you’re in this situation, you can use these Activities to keep your own kids entertained. For anyone stuck with a screaming baby on one of their flights, I don’t even have words for how sorry I feel for you. I am not a doctor, and I cannot speak for anyone other than myself (although the things that worked for me might work for your child, too). T If they look groggy and/or need some help waking up, try some of these tips to help them get through the flight in a healthy way. If you have any additional ideas that worked for you, please share them in the comments.


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