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Tips for saving money at Disney World!

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If it weren’t for these tips we would not be able to go to Disney. We have gone on two different occasions in the last two years (yes one of the trips was in the middle of covid and Yesss unfortunately yessss we had to wear masks even outside). The first time we went we stayed at the art of animation and LOVED it. On Our second trip, we stayed at an Airbnb that was close to the park (and a fraction of the price vs staying on-site), however, we did pay for parking which was $50 VIP parking because we would be a shorter walk at the end of a long, exciting yet exhausting day.

The FIRST tip compares prices of staying site versus on site, along with seeing if the off-site offer shuttles to and from Disney. Consider staying off-site you will need to pay for parking at the parks, and depending on which place you’re staying on-site you can get to some parks an hour early.


The SECOND tip is making sure the hotel/ Airbnb you’re staying at offers breakfast or finds a cheap breakfast spot close to your Disney destination. Even if breakfast is not offered you can have groceries delivered to where you are staying and possibly cook meals.


The THRID tip is to bring water bottles (a lot of people I saw bought Brita bottles with the filters in them) to save money on the $7.00 water bottles.


The FOURTH tip is to bring snacks for the kids and yourself to hold y’all over, and to get kid meals instead of adult meals.


The FIFTH tip is to start collecting Disney gift cards from the same club, they are discounted (about 4% saved), and use those during your trip. This helps with not having to hold onto a lot of cash, and not having to use your debit/credit card so much.


The SIXTH tip – if financially smart & able- to invest in a Downey credit card. We use our Disney credit card to pay our bills every month, and collect Disney points on that. This paid for our trip to EPCOT last winter.


The SEVENTH and last tip is to enjoy your trip. Disney is a magical place with magical employees who work in the sun all day. Be patient and take a deep breath mama, you’re a good mom for even considering taking your kiddos there! If you have any more Disney tips let me know!!

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