Its anti-aging serum complex is a power ingredient that combines vitamin c an antioxidant, with collagen to combat the look of aging skin. This beauty oil has the same beauty benefits as any other overpriced Vitamin C oil. this oil is rich in antioxidants, and paired with potent anti-aging ingredients, this skin care product will help you achieve smoother, brighter and younger-looking skin. The product is specifically formulated to be used on your face and neck but because of its versatility it can also be used on other areas such as your hands or chest. this product targets dark spots, uneven tone, and expression lines while promting a firmer looking complexion.

The combination of vitamins C and ferric acid work together too brighten and smooth skin. Enjoy the benefits of this vitamin c face oil daily to boost collagen production, soothe sensitive skin and reduce fine wrinkles. The luxurious blend of creates a silky texture that absorbs easily into your skin.

Vitamin C

People will think you’ve had botox when they see your face. I am currently on my second bottle and will be getting a third, fourth and fifth. I  apply it every morning and can instantly feel it firming my face. I do not have many dark sports however I do have freckles and can tell it has decreased the pigments making them lighter. I apply the vitamin C, a moisturize then sunscreen on my face for best results.

It’s free from all fragrance, paragons, sulfates and is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. Having sensate skin has always been one of my negative traits when looking at skin care. I was ore nervous to try this product, however, once I did I found it was perfect for my sensitive skin.

You can have better skin at any age with this product! Buying new stuff for skin can be scary. The only reason I actually tried this product was because it was on sale at TJ Maxx. I have since ordered this off of amazon and have been satisfied with the results. Overall 10/10 would recommend.

Hannah Bures

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  1. I have been hearing such great things about vitamin c for the skin. I need to try this product.

  2. I love adding Vitamin C to my skincare routine, I can’t wait to try this product.

  3. I will have to try this out. I am getting older and I know my skin could use the help.

  4. Beautiful Touches

    Vitamin C always seems like it’s such a diverse nutrient, and I love that this is scent-free, even though I do love that citrus-y smell a lot of Vit.C products tend to come with!

  5. Wow! This looks like a really great and amazing product to try! I am surely gonna check this out more!

  6. Melanie Edjourian

    It’s lucky you did try this product. I do love beauty products with vitamin c many can work really well. I have yet to try this one though. I need to go to TK Maxx to look for it.

  7. I need this! I’ve been wanting botox for the area between my eyes but obviously this is much better for me.

  8. I love vitamin serums for the skin. I use a lot of vitamin E I will have to include the vitamin C as well!

  9. I’ll have to try this vitamin c serum.

  10. I’ve heard that Vitamin C has many benefits for the skin. Serum is a great way to apply it to the skin.

  11. I must give it a try. I read a lot of articles about vitamin c and how it is so beneficial for skin

  12. wow! You convinced me to give it a try! I love that I can buy two bottles of this oil at once. This way I can really see the results!

  13. I need to give this vitamin c oil a try, it sounds so good 😍 I love using vit c products for my skin ❤️

  14. I haven’t been doing much as far as skincare, and a serum like this sounds like a good idea. I like that it has Vitamin C in it.

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